Smt. Kamala Nehru

Issued by —- India

Issued on —- August 1st,1974

Issued for —– The Post and Telegraph            


Feels Honoured to bring out a commemorative postage stamp on the occasion of the 75 th Birth Anniversary

Of this heroic woman.

  •    Smt. Kamala Nehru given         

the precious contribution for freedom for india.

Smt. Kamala Nehru Born on 1st August,1899 She died 11 years before independence of India.

  • She is daughter of Sri Jawaharmal Kaul.
  • She is Wife of First Pri Minister of 

Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru.

First day cover

First day cover air asia

Issued on Jun 8, 1973

Issued for : To mark the jubilee of Air-

India’s Overseas Operations a multicoloured

stamp showing an exciting night shot from

the tail end of the

was issued.

Boeing 747

The P & T Department consider it their

privilege to commemorate this landmark in

the lifetime of the nation’s flag carrier.

Description of Design : the planning of the

stamp is horizontal and depicts an exciting

night shot from the tail end of the Boeing-


Designed by : Adapted by the staff Artists of

India Security Press from the first design

submitted by AIR-INDVoLT

About :

The 8TH of June 1948 saw India


entering the sector of International Air

Transport. thereon day, Air India

International’s (as it had been then known)

Constellation ‘Malabar Princess’ took

off from Bombay to London via Cairo

and Geneva.

The 25 years that have since passed,


constitute an excellent period within the 

history of Indian air transportation 

unfolding a most enjoyable story of

how an airline which initially served

three overseas stations has grown to

include within its fleet four Boeing 747-

237Bs, four Boeing 707-437

intercontinental jets, three Boeing 707-

337Bs and two Boeing 707-337Cs, and

span 35 cities in five continents.

With the expansion in Air-India’s


International Operations grew its

International Operations grew its

popularity also. The

‘Maharaja’ captured the imagination of

the tourist population and their

expectations were realised within the high

quality of service which they

received in Air-India planes.

o Air-India employs over 10 thousand

men and ladies hand picked for

competence for the post which they

are expected to man. The Air

Hostesses are noted for his or her looks,

charm, poise, and intelligence; if Air-

India has earned an

enviable reputation for efficiency,

safety, punctuality and courtesy, it is as

a results of the dedicated service of the

fine band of personnel constituting Air-

India staff. The success of Air-India

since its inception has also been due

to the very fact that it’s put into service

the best and therefore the latest

aircraft available. The ‘Flying Maharaja’

has, as his palaces within the sky four

magnificent ‘Jumbos’ the primary of

which, the Emperor Ashoka, joined Air-

India fleet in 1970-71.

The tourist’s first impression of India is


formed on board the aircraft and,

aware of this, Air-India has been

assiduously trying to project a

glowing image of the country with its

varied cultural heritage – within the 

process, enhancing its own prestige.

Postal stamps collection—

Why and How?

Why— live the same life human gets bored

Thereby avoiding and for new enthusiasm. he does painting, horticulture, photography and sports etc..

                             In each hobby also spend money, while in postage stamp collection do not think so any special expenses and there is no fear of any thief, neither doesn’t require any ground nor need any partner.

             Then the cost of the postage stamps collected keeps increasing.

Information related to history, geography, culture, art etc. is easily available from it.

From children to old people are fond of it. 

From every point of view this hobby can be called the best. It is a good tool to get mental relaxation and to relieve stress.

Actually postage stamp collection is not complete by mere purchase.

For this, first collect the postage stamps of your country also buy more literature related to this so that your knowledge is also big and hobby.

One can only give a true introduction to the country’s civilization and culture, especially by collecting stamps.

Here I am presenting some postal tickets of my country.  :- 

Collection by me

Indian stamps

Collection by me

Jai hind postmark

The jai hind postmark was the first me morale  postmark of independent was issued on 15 the August 1947 independence day of India.the postmark withdraw on 31st December 1947. But reintroduce at girdikat post office, jodhpur in June 1948. 

Collection by me

Indian postcard